Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites

A game changer for those on the go......or anyone wanting a quick, easy, breakfast disguised as a finger food.

This could quite possibly be one of the greatest breakfast inventions since toast.  It's easy. It's quick.  Few Ingredients.  Easy Clean-up.  Portable for on the go, busy mornings.  

They can be customized to fit any taste and they are great for most any diet and weight loss program, especially a Ketogenic diet as they are packed with what some consider the most perfect form of protein and good fat and very low in sugars.  Add vegetables, meats and cheese to suit your taste, and I promise that you're going to fall in love with these.

Let's get Started

What You'll Need

An Instant Pot or any brand electric pressure cooker, egg bite molds (these can be used for many other foods, so every instant pot user should have them. 


A mixer, food processor, immersion blender or other means to thoroughly mix the ingredients to ensure they are well incorporated.  I use a Ninja Professional blender. It makes quick work of mixing and makes pouring into the molds mess free.

About 20 Minutes of time.  That is prep time, cook time and serving time.

Eggs, Cottage Cheese, Heavy Cream and what extras you want to add to your egg bites.  Ingredients and amounts below.

Told you they were quick and easy!

Prep Work

It's time to cook your sausage, ham bacon or other meat that you're going to add..


Chop any vegetables into very small pieces. I prefer under a quarter inch, but ultimately its up to you..

Mix Your Ingredients

Crack your eggs and put them in your bowl, mixer or blender along with the cottage cheese and heavy cream.  If you're adding another type cheese, this is the time to also add it.  You can also add your salt, pepper, or other seasoning at this time.

Mix on high and ensure that your ingredients are well broken down.  You'll want a consistency much like if you were only beating the eggs alone.  It is best to use grated cheese as it will mix better, but just be sure if you using cubes or crumbles to mix really well.  This is the reason that I prefer using a blender, food processor or immersion blender.

If using meats such as sausage, bacon or ham as well any vegetables, I have found better success adding them to the molds prior to or after pouring in the egg mix.

Let's Make Your Egg Bites

Now that everything is cut up, meats are cooked and ready, eggs are mixed, its time to put it all together and get it cooking.

Use your trivet that came with your Instant Pot and put your egg bites mold on it.  This will make it easier once filled, to place in the instant pot.  The mold is rigid enough, however it is easy to spill them when tyring to put them into the pressure cooker, so the trivet with the handles makes lowering it a breeze.

Not to mention it also makes getting them out of the pot a snap as well.

Some people recommend spraying the mold with a cooking spray, but I have the silicone mold and I have never sprayed it and the egg bites slide right out.  

If you want to spray yours, do so at this time.

Now, some people will put their meats and veggies in the molds at this time, however, I prefer to put in my egg mix, then add the  extras.  Just a personal preference but I have found that they tend to stay suspended dispersed in the egg bites a little better.

Pour your egg mix into your molds. I try pour about a quarter inch from the top so that once I add my extras, the mix is just below being flush with the top.

Add your extras.

If you added your extras first, then pour in the mix to slightly below the top of the molds.

Stir the mix in the molds to disperse it.  It will tend to settle as it cooks.

Natural tip to reverse diabetes and lower blood sugar.

Cook and Eat

Place your mold in your instant pot with the trivet underneath.  I'm sure it does not need to be said, but make sure you added your water first as recommended by the manufacturer of your device.

If you have two molds, you can stack them using another small trivet and make two batches at one time.  If not, this recipe will make two batches of approximately 7 egg bites each, 14 total.

Use high pressure and cook for 9 minutes.. Allow a 5 minute natural release and then release the remaining pressure.  

You'll notice that the egg bites are puffed up and probably above the surface of the mold..

Let them sit for a minute uncovered and they will "deflate" and fall back into the mold. 

Take the mold out by using the trivet and let sit for about a minute more.

Get a place and put over top of the mold.  While grabbing both the mold and plate, hold it tight and flip over. 

Now tap the mold and slowly lift off the plate. 

The egg bites should have came out of the mold and stayed on the plate.  If not, use a spoon or fork to get under them and release them from the mold.

I like to let them sit for a few minutes to cool and firm up before I eat them.

Eat and Enjoy

You can eat these on the go, sitting around the house or bag them up and eat later.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Experiment by adding other ingredients or using all egg whites for a high protein low fat version.

The possibilities are almost endless.

Recipe Below

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Egg Bites

  • 6 eggs

  • 3/4 cup cottage cheese

  • 1/2 cup of heavy cream

  • 1/2 cup of shredded cheese of choice

  • salt and pepper to taste

  • meats, veggies or other extras

Mix egg, cottage cheese, heavy cream and shredded cheese in blender or food processor.

Add mixture to egg bite molds as well as any extras.

Cook in IP for 8 minutes at high pressure.  Use natural release for 5 minutes, then manually release remaining pressure.

Remove lid and let egg bites rest a minute before removing from mold.

Let Cool slightly before serving.

Mix should make 14 standard egg bites .

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